Pendle - Witch Country

Pendle - Witch Country

Pendle - Witch Country

Out this November

A stunning new book from Pendle based multi-award winning photographer and filmmaker Alastair Lee, due for release in November 2018. After the success of Alastair’s previous local publications, ‘Forgotten Landscape’ (2006) and ‘Pendle, Home and History’ (2009) comes his third and most spectacular offering to date: ‘Pendle Witch Country’.

This impressive new book embraces the area’s most cherished landmark and captures the spirit not only of its infamous past but of a thriving community that lives under its dominant presence. Celebrating the unique charm of Pendle and capturing how people interact with the landscape of which they are so passionate. Flora, fauna, farming, adventure sports and the fabled spirit of witchcraft all permeate through the pages of this illuminating book.

Alastair has opted to keep full control over the creative, editorial and local distribution of the book ensuring the 'directors cut' is what reaches the shelves. In order to achieve this Alastair has set up this Kickstarter campaign to take advanced orders on the book and raise enough revenue to cover the bulk of the printing costs.

The book is a hardback 160-page full-colour glossy photo book with a fine art quality finish measuring 276mm x 219mm.

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